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  • How do I contact and what is expected?
    You may contact me through this website, 773-544-5341, or Jotform at You will be issued a 15 minutes complimentary consultation which includes an assessment of your project, and once an agreement has been reach then a invoice will be sent, and upon payment of invoice a service questionnaire, terms of conditions, and request for required documents for review and submission. Afterward consultations are $175.00 per hour.
  • How long have you been in business?
    The founder/owner have been in business since 2004 with over 30+ combine education & experience in non profit start up and grant writing.
  • What services are provided?
    Consultation, 501c3 non profit start up, Grant research, Grant writing, Grant workshops, and other business related services such as Sales tax exemption, Business coaching.
  • Are you license to write grants and to provide start up services?
    This industry is not regulated and does not requires a license, however our staff has degrees in human services, education, health, ministry, and liberal arts. In addition Eurydice is a MBE/BE certified consulting firm.
  • What is a 501c3?
    A tax exempt status issued by the Internal Revenue Services.
  • Is it mandatory for a non profit to have a 501c3?
    No. It is not mandatory to have the 501c3 status however donors will be unable to receive tax write off, and you will not be able to apply for grants on the behalf of the non profit. In addition, if the non profit receives $600.00 or more in donations you will have to pay both federal and state taxes. It would be beneficial to have the 501c3.
  • How long does it takes to acquire the 501c3 status?
    In order to apply for the 501c3 status the non profit must be incorporated by the state in which the non profit resides. You must have Bylaws, and the Federal Employer Identification Number aka EIN #.. It usually takes 5-7 business days to be incorporated. Prior to covid the turn around time for the non profit to receive the 501c3 was 7-21 days, but now it can take 30-90 business days to receive the 501c3 status.
  • What is a grant?
    A grant is free monies issue to both non profits and for profits to assist with program activities to the community such as after school program, computer lab, mentoring, home work, tutoring service, housing, or as a for profit to provide products and services to consumers. A grant does not have to be paid back.
  • How long do it take to prepare and submit a grant?
    Depend on clients turn around time in submitting requested information and documents. It usually take approximately 30 minutes- 1 hour.
  • How long does it take before a decision is made to award a grant?
    It depends on the funder. An award can be issue from one week to three weeks, and there been cases where it could take up to 90-120 days to receive a decision from a funder.
  • Can a grant writer guarantee a grant award?
    No. It is the funder decision and their funds. A grant writer is responsible for submitting a quality grant for consideration.
  • What is grant research?
    This is a service where a consultant looks up grants that you may be eligible to apply. A designated amount is decided upon.
  • Do you provide workshops to teach grant writing?
    Yes, we just received a grant from the City of Chicago's Chi Biz Strong to provide online business training, which includes grant writing at no cost to emerging nonprofit and for profit leaders. The workshops are offered twice a month through Dec 31, 2022. Please email for additional information.
  • Do you provide Do IT Yourself items?
    Yes, Leaders may purchase books by going to or to
  • How do I send payments?
    You may send payments via Paypal or Zelle.
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