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My Story

Learning Disability

I am of Iranian-Nigerian lineage with Hebrew roots born in the United States of America from the East Garfield Community of the West Side of Chicago. My maternal great-grandmother, grandmother raised me, and my non-biological grandfather dwelled within the home. My parents divorced and I was given to my great-grand mother, and my siblings were raised by my father and his mother. I was an orphan, although both parents were alive, they were rarely seen.


I was a very sickly child and would miss days and weeks out of school, and there were constant doctor office visits, and there were times when the doctor would be called upon for house visits. I remember being in bed during one of those visits, and after examination, hearing him tell my great-grandmother Anna that he had no idea what was wrong with me. I would have episodes after episodes of periods of unexplained sicknesses.


Once an episode would subside, and I would return to school. It would be then that I would discover myself so far behind in my studies. I would leave school in sickness and they would be on chapter one, and upon my return, they would be on either chapter two or three. The school system at that time was overburdened, and it was nothing for a class room to be filled with 40 to 50 children, which included students that needed special education. I recall a blind student named David in the classroom. I grew up in the time that there was no special education, tutoring, or afterschool programs. Teachers would be too burnt out to help me catch up. I was socially passed from grade to grade due to good conduct, and a doctor statement verifying my condition.


My report cards would be filled with unsatisfactory and fair all the way up to the 5th grade in elementary school. It was in the fifth grade that I held my breathe, hoping against all hope, that there would at least be a "g" for good inside. However, upon receiving the report card, the grades were the same, and I wondered if that was my fate. I tearfully went home to stand in front of Anna, a stout 300 lbs woman with a gold front tooth who read my report card with one hand on her hip. I then told her that I was tired of making bad grades. Anna would say something that would change my life forever. She said “go into your room and talk to God.” My family consists of Christians, and I was told about God, but did not know him personally. So, I obeyed and prayed “ Lord, Big Momma told me to talk to you. God if you are up there, I am tired of making bad grades. Please help me”. A prayer of a ten year old child did reach God. After playing outside, and being called inside for supper, it was at the table that I got violently ill. Healing and deliverance was being released to me. My family only knew the fundamental principles of Christianity. They weren’t familiar with teachings of miracles, healings, signs or wonders.


I felt something burst in my head and begin to move down my body inside until it reached the pit of my stomach. I went to the bathroom and passed a huge mass, and shortly afterward, I stopped getting sick and missing days out of school. I begin to understand my teachers, and the unsatisfactory and fair grades turned into good and excellent. I went on to graduate 12th out of 170 students from high school. I then was bless to graduate with an associates degree, bachelors, 2 masters, 3 doctorates ( I only mentioned one professionally), and recently graduated from Cornell University (an Ivy League University.) The kid that was sickly, and had a learning disability. God has made me a polymath person with background in health care, social services, education, ministry, community services, and business, so that the clients that I would meet could receive the help that they would need.


God would call me into the ministry, and often times have me pray for those with the same afflictions. I would pray for children who next report card grades and test scores would increase. I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You can read more about me in the autobiography Riddy Ann Overcoming the ODDS click on the below links for purchase. PayHip Link To Eurydice Moore's Store And Amazon Link To Eurydice Moore's Books Thank you for reading my story. With Gratitude, Eurydice AKA: Chana 

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